Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Well the permafrost is finally lifting here in MA, and we're emerging from our winter dens, somewhat grouchy and bewildered. We took the opportunity last week to go to the Audubon Society's Environmental Education Center in Bristol RI for a nature walk. They had a lovely picture of a red-winged blackbird on their brochure and sure enough, there he was within five minutes of our arrival like a Walmart's greeter. I guess it's time for spring cleaning....

Cynthia, over at Muse Swings tagged me to divulge cleaning quirks. 

The "Before" Picture. (Hey Cynthia, check out my Amaryllis)

I already had done a post about Blicky's unusual green cleaning tips, and I won't do it again because my hands just looked too blicky in the photos. I do try to clean every single surface assiduously in the few precious moments when I am able to move the cookie cutters off the bedside table, the potato masher off the writing desk, the minuscule Polly Pockets clothing off of the stairs and the Twister game off the dining room table (where I presume it has been serving as a polka dotted house for its two little denizens). So it is usually quite clean underneath the heap of toys and surreptitiously purloined utilitarian objects.

I do know how to clean and I like to do it thoroughly. I just marvel at people who can tame clutter. I feel so much better reading the blogs of other moms. What a relief to learn from Ann at Ann's Rants that other people had feline vomit issues and that at least there is a name for it. I do know moms who have lovely clutter-free homes. From where I sit though, it might as well be a superpower. I mean, why don't they just fly? They might as well. They just wave their superpower arms, and *poof* the cat food that's been poured into the water dish and transformed into crunchy soup instantly vanishes. While I sit at my computer and blog, they are going around their beautiful houses (probably singing) and using their super anti-clutter powers. While I'm spending hour after hour online.... I often puzzle over how they do it. Well I think I've finally found a way to even the playing field: Photoshop!
Now look at my kitchen! Don't worry, the kids and cats are still there — behind a cleverly designed storage panel. I also put a French chef in, but I dragged him into the larder with my mouse and created a new layer over him (how would that sentence have read a century ago?). Check out my bedroom too! I erased all of the cat hair without any harsh or toxic chemicals. I just erased one of the neighbor's houses, and the view is great now!
OK spring cleaning, check!

* * *

In other bloggy news, Blicky is just beaming with joy and has become rather unbearable after reading a panegyric in his honor over at Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes. Not only did our friend Kat post the banner he designed with his own paws, but she created another beautiful and fun poem for her readers to enjoy. Thank you Kat! 

Also, I'm not confirming or denying that I know this beautiful little blogger or anything but every time I read her posts I'm seized with an inexplicable maternal pride. She is cleverly ensconced in bloggyland with her own nom de plume and avatar. She likes to blog about the books she reads (voraciously) but lately many of the posts are about life in second grade and have ended with the sad little plea "please leave a comment." I know she would love a few words of encouragement. :) Rumor has it that she even wants to create a character that is a cat. Hmmmm....


steviewren said...

Your Photoshop-the-clutter-away is the best cleaning tip I've read to date! I must give that one a try.

Love Alicia's blog...did she really write all that herself...cause no wonder you're a proud cat. My progeny would have misspelled everything and written mostly about pizza and ....well nothing else.

Blicky Kitty said...

Oh thank goodness for spell check and mumma minding the grammar a bit. Otherwise it might not be as readable. :) I'm hoping that the need for my help will fade gradually. Thank you so much for visiting her!

Roshni Mitra Chintalapati said...

Wish I could try that Photoshop method in real life!

Lavinia said...

Blicky you must tell me without delay which aisle in which supermarket is this amazing photoshop cleaner sold. Does it come in a handy spray bottle too? Thanks!

p.s. I, too, find that doing things like reading martha stewart's magazine have the same effect on me as if I'd just spent 3hours baking, cleaning, and organizing!

Holte Ender said...

Very impressive. If you're ever down in Georgia I could do with some help cleaning and a photoshop tutorial.

Poetikat said...

I've added your name to the header design BK, because people keep giving me credit and that is just not right.

I wish I could photoshop so many things in this house - starting with the fresh cat-vomit stain from my currently constipated feline.


P.S. If that's your bedroom - I am SO envious!

Poetikat said...

P.S. The last three letters in your moniker: "lin" or "lan"?


Debby said...

I wish I had photoshop...

CDB said...

The post should be titled "Photoshop Sustainable Living". Sigh.. If only we could Photoshop-clean all the time, I would add little sparkles all over my counters. Then fold everything and pile it up next to the dust bunnies I just erased. Ah, creativity.

Also, I need my own avatar.

MuseSwings said...

Here I am, wondering if I should invest in a really good photo shop application and I was missing out on the best reason of all for getting it - house cleaning. Also redecorating - I could get a new flat top convection oven instead of the rickety poor excuse for a stove that is ready to (thank goodness) bite the dust. If it doesn't blow up first. Why this is not quirk, it's a bloody miracle.

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