Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sicky Kitty

Gentle Readers, in case you're admiring my bed pictured above, it's a snorkedischkedurgeborg (mork, mork, mork) from IKEA.

Note to future self:
 Oh self, the best cure for a bad chest cold/bronchitis is not pretending that it's not there and going for eleven mile runs in the middle of winter. This doesn't make you more more obdurate or stalwart....more Scottish. If that were the case, doctors would prescribe a good battle cry and a double serving of haggis (to be taken with plenty of water). Alas, the only thing it makes you is tragically stupid, and oh yeah you may or may not end up with pneumonia.

Here's a rap to serve as a mnemnotic device in case you forget this missive. Kindly provide your own bespittled percussive riff.

You're no Tenacious D,
Unless the "D" stands for duh,
Cause that's not how it should be,
Even when you're the mammuh,
You threw a dinner for eleven
Then you started gettin' peakish,
And by quarter to seven,
You was lookin' pret-ty freakish
Your good friends they ditn't know,
That you was feeling so blue
They thought beaujolais nouveau?
O peut-etre prime rib au jus?
So although you're lookin' yuck-tastic,
There may still be some hope,
Cause they call you Mrs. Bombastic,
And your rhymes are so dope.

In celebration of my brightly plumed little visitors, who have decided that we need a hint of springtime music in New England right about now, here's some Mandatory Fun:


CDB said...

Haggis and Bombastic, in the same post.

Oh, Blick.. so sorry to hear you're down and out. BUt the dinner guests sound like they had a BLAST! Which is what matters. We've missed you! Please rest up and get back to healthy purring soon.

And I hypermiled home from preschool today.

steviewren said...

Your use of Haggis and Bombastic is nothing compared to your use of French in a rap song. I think that's a first.

Hope you're better soon....I'm off to Ikea...I want one of those snorkedischkedurgeborgs.

MuseSwings said...

The birdie song was lovely - and you rap poem...it is rap, isn't it because that's how I recited it...is...... really phat.

I do hope you are back in service soon! I had a house full of company on New Years day a few years ago. I felt a bit peaked around the time they arrived and I was near death from some exoctic flu just before they left. As the door closed for the last time I whispered wnat my pillow and kind of keeled over on the sofa. That was the same day I owned a white truffle, which I planned to put in a jar of rice to flavor the rice. The ever helpful Mister rinsed out the empty sweet gerkin jar and used that. Did you ever have sweet pickle rice???? Anyway, enough about me - get better and stay indoors!

BF said...

will you ...
of course I found boldizar via

Ronda's Rants said...

I am sorry you are sick...but you are very funny even sick! :)
That isn't always easy to pull off!

Poetikat said...

Dawg! You da man! Props to you, Babe! You got the down-low on the sickbed. Yeah-Yeah!
Ya made it your own, Blicky
Ya may be feelin' icky
We hopes ya get well quicky,
Cuz things wuz gettin sticky
Witout our fave cat-chicky,
I'm tryin' to be tricky
But maybe needs a micky
To keep up with this dicky-doo-dah
Camp town races sing this song;
Oh, doo-dah day!

(Did ya get my get-well card, Blick?)

Take care,


Kat (Rap-star Freak. Oh Yeah!)

The Self-Deprechaun said...

Love the Eels!

Holla! And love your rap. MAO!

Arminda said...

You may have given your common sense a night off (and haven't we all been Flu Deniers at least once in our lives), but you're a total rap star. And I bet the dinner was awesome.

Rest well, and don't stint on the tea.

Jeanne said...

Feel better!

MuseSwings said...

You had better not still be sick, blick! What was that line from Moonstruck? Snap out of it! Yah life is goin down the toilet. Get better!

*mary* said...

Feminem, I hope you get better soon! The blickosphere is NOTHING without you!

I also posted a video today. If you need help hacking up some phlegm, it may help.

Feel better soon.

(Sorry, all out of dope rhmes today.)

Heather said...

Funny rap. Love the picture of course! Hope you feel better.

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

I adore the Swedish Chef AND Swedish meatballs!!!


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