Sunday, June 29, 2008

Getting Green with Blicky

OK, while Blicky was working with Dick Cheney and Proctor & Gamble on a few top-secret projects we ended up with a Swiffer mop thing. It's not the fancy squirty kind. I guess we thought it would be easier to clean up after the kittens, but I soon realized that I had to mend my ways and find a greener alternative. So here you go:

1) 1 Blicky Swiffer thing
2) 1 cloth diaper (preferably with the baby detached)
3) 1 bottle of green cleaner or Blicky Brand alternate (1 part vinegar/1 part water)

Have your human affix said de-babied diaper to plastic hole thingy in aforementioned Swiffer.

Readjust your self-esteem based on the cleanliness of your house, your weight and your cat's assessments of both.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I LOVE it!!!!!!! :) I would stay up to watch that 2am 1/2-hour infomercial! Blicky's cousin in the Navy was recently heard saying: "Mao... vinegar and water work great on varnished wood too Mao".

Was it just an urban legend that pets have become super-ill or even succombed to swiffer liquid exposure? I forget where / when I heard that.

Wrote 5 articles today... VERY tired! :) The first one might make green-conscious Blicky happy:

The rest... not so much. :P

Does Blicky invest in gold or silver?