Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Garden Ecosystem

Here's the view of our feeder from the living room. Our house is a bit like a treehouse and we can just sit here and enjoy the view. I visited a friend's garden recently and she said because of the number of birds that flock to her garden they can enjoy the outdoors virtually mosquito free. So they would be welcome visitors even if they didn't make the landscape so beautiful. You can't really see the little finch in this shot. We get a lot of finches woodpeckers and hawks. This always amazes me because growing up in New England during the DDT laden 70's we only seemed to get chickadees and starlings at our feeders. There's a lovely variety now. I plan to place another feeder near the garden so they can eat any garden pests for me. I throw bread crusts, pasta and cereal (which you're not supposed to compost) out for the birds and squirrels. The squirrels are pesky, but maybe if I fatten them up they'll all develop hypertension and be unable to eat the birdseed.

Bleeding hearts seem to love my garden! They grow like weeds here. I'm trying to clear out all the briars and poison ivy to create my woodland garden but I'm reticent this year as I still bear scars from last year's poison ivy outbreak. I'm going to try vinegar to control it because I really want to avoid using Roundup!