Monday, February 23, 2009

Karm-A-Thon Winners and Blicky's Red Carpet Reportage

We're back after a week of school vacation day trips to historical museums, natural history museums, ice skating and then collapsing with a lovely variety of late February fevers and agues. I wanted to get back on as soon as I could to announce the three winners of our Karm-A-Thon. They are:

Katie over at Ragamuffin Gal for her amazing post about a meaningful connection with a random stranger. It demonstrates the power we have to offer kindness to anyone we encounter. Her blog is so beautiful to look at while you're reading too.

Ann's Rants has become one of my favorite new blogs to read. She is so funny. I just popped over there to grab the link and found a great post about ironic onesies. I would have loved the "emo" one. Well Ann actually made a donation to Willow House in honor of the Karm-A-Thon. We, the staff at Blicky Kitty are truly honored and money is pretty powerful way for spreading karma in the world. Her donation will help support families grieving the loss of a child or spouse.

I also loved Kat's post on Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes because she was giving comfort to her mom on Valentine's Day. They recently lost her dad and she knew Valentine's Day might be tough for her so Kat and her husband took her out to dinner and a movie and to Verdi's La Traviata the next day. It's often the easiest thing to respond to the needs of a loved one and the added benefit is that is means so much more coming from a daughter or a wife or a mom.

Again thanks to everyone who contributed to our Karm-A-Thon!

* * *

While we were on school vacation and nursing sundry maladies, Blicky had to go out and find another job. He's been moonlighting to support his nasty kitty plastic surgery habit. He landed a gig reporting on oscar fashions, but I'm not sure if they'll hire him back next year. I don't think any of the stars actually answered his questions.

I think his stylist might have gotten his gender mixed up a bit, but it doesn't matter much since he's been (you know) fixed. He was just pleased that so many of the stars seemed to copy his carefully cultivated pale shouldered elegance. Here are some excerpts of his interviews.

Mao nice shoulders, mao can I call you Ella Enchanted?

Mao, listen up pop-tart, I'm only interviewing you because they're paying me. Mao ignore the fact that the fact that the kittens both think I'm mean because I don't let them watch your insipid show that teaches young girls to dress slutty and act rude. Mao, will also disregard the fact that an entire village could be fed for a year on what you earn on one night of a concert tour. But just can't ignore this dress. That is a true travesty. You're out of your league, powder-puff. Oh and are you having a hard time not pulling your eyes into slants and traumatizing your young Asian American fans?

Mao, how is this a statement about style? Someone could pour shellac over her head, cover it all with yellow feathers and those wiggly eyes from the craft store, slap on a pair of ducky slippers and she'd be red carpet ready. If a stylist could ever devise a way to make her look bad, that would be a crowning achievement, mao. 

Mao, rockin it.

Again, not a stylistic coup, mao. This would look like a particularly unfortunate prom gown on a normal person.
Blicky's pick for rockin' the red carpet.


Poetikat said...

Just got in from "Cats". Thanks for the acknowledgement, BK. I'd love to see what you can do for my blog. I think.
Sorry you've been ill, I hope you're feeling better.

I'll talk with you tomorrow. Nice pick on the Red Carpet.


CDB said...

OMG. They cut off Blicky's left hand? Danged paprazzi.

Blicky Kitty said...

OK Kat!

I know CDB, they constantly plaque Blicky!

MuseSwings said...

Excellent choices for Karm-a-thon winners! Lovely, loving and thoughtful posts.

I appreciate your red carpet critiques, and agree on the winning pick. Beautiful gown! And that Angelina - you could roll her down the carpet in a barrel full of rabid mongooses -mongeese??? and she'd pop out looking magnificent. That's just hateful.

Anonymous said...

LOVE Blicky's interview!

Blicky Kitty said...

Thanks Yaya!

hahaha Musie, or you could put her through the car wash then decorate her with worm castings and lichen. What else could we do to her?

It wouldn't be so bad if she didn't already manage to look elegant despite the fact that she is more heavily tattooed than most teamsters.

Aoi said...

Now I've seen the Oscars the way they should be seen. From a cat's perspective.

Ann's Rants said...

Thanks so much for your kind words about my blog! Blicky, you look great in that gown. See, who needs cleveage anyway. Mao. Hilarious post.

Jeanne said...

How do we know that's Blicky and not just you being catty?

Blicky Kitty said...

Oh that's easy Jeanne, I would never wear white after labor day.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I agree with Blicky's pick! Kate is spectacular in every way! I nominate Blicky to host the Oscars next year!

I am honored to be mentioned on your blog ~ which I admire so much. Thank you, Katie

The Self-Deprechaun said...

Blicky knows whatsup and should have slammed Miley to the ground for justice for slanty eyed deprechauns like me. MAO!