Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In Which Blicky Subverts the Meme

No Blicky!!! I said we were going to subvert the meme, not bludgeon the mime. Silly Kitty!

OK lately I've been reading a few wonderful twists on the meme. Check out the numbers over at The Daily Egg. Merrill's worked it all out, and basically if everyone obediently passes along their various memes (25 things about me), it doesn't take long before all the known universe is participating. The Unfinished Rambler decided to turn the standard meme into 25 Things I've Learned About You, Blogoshpere, Since I've Gotten Here, Wherever the Hell Here Is.
Cynthia over at Muse Swings posted a sort of meme where you create a dialogue with the Good Wife's Guide; a list excepted from a 1955 edition of Housekeeping Monthly. Although I love to read them, I usually demur from posting memes because they feel suspiciously like a high school senior page. I’m inspired by these creative twists though so here it goes.

Since the world is my own personal all-you-can-eat salad bar, I'm just going to pick and choose from the fun memes:
Prague, July 1990

1. I once got locked in a high-rise apartment building on the outskirts of Prague by a vodka-sodden guy named Izzy with blood rimmed eyes.
2. I love to make my own yogurt.
4. I’m six feet tall and wear boots most days to conceal the fact that my flippin’ pants are all too short at present.
5. A friend and I once hitched a ride from Madrid to Toledo on the backs of motorcycles driven by a South African and a Yorkshire bloke who swore with impressive gusto.
6. My last paying job was translating laser technology for some nice fellows from Northern Italy. If you ever need to explain to a friend in Genoa how to configure their laser for a seam wield on steel, email me.
7. Being a church lady makes me really happy.
8. I was there on the day they opened the Brandenberg gates in Berlin.
9. It just doesn’t feel right if a day goes by and I haven’t talked to my mom.
10. I like to run distance races and I love pilates so much even my teacher thinks I’m pathetic and nerdy about it.
11. I used to work at an art museum and I guess you could say I’m one of a handful of experts on a 15th century duke from Ferrara (hence the 100 dollar bills I used for wallpaper the butler’s quarters). 
12. I have a big old scar on my chest from a spazzy childhood encounter with a glass window. It used to make me self-conscious but now I love it because it looks like a cleavage line from a distance.
13. My three-year-old once belted out Baby Got Back to our minister.
14. When I was growing up we used to have Thanksgiving with our extended family and a woman who claimed to be Anastasia, Tsar Nicholas’ daughter.
15. Cats crack me up but I’m really more of a dog person.

Toledo Spain, 1989

Blicky's Mandatory Fun: Check out this video! It's called Fortress by a band named Pinback.

In other news, ever the victim of treacherous calumny, Blicky is being framed for the theft of the Paradasha Sapphire. If anyone can step forward as a character witness, please let me know.

Speaking of mimes, you feel like writing me a review click here (you don't have to sign in or anything):

humor blog


Poetikat said...

I loved hearing about the REAL you (although some of it sounds suspiciously veiled in fantasy - perhaps I'm wrong).

Your 3 Year Old sounds like a darling!

I have a 10-verse poem that I did in response to a meme. If you're keen to find out yet more about me, here it is:

I don't think you've got the sapphire, Blicky - it's the one in Belgrade. I've got her locked up in an armoire.


Blicky Kitty said...

Hahaha I swear it's true! Although I left out the boring bits about my daily life these days.

Oh good keep her there. I'll bring muffins over to feed her and we can hatch a plan.

Blicky Kitty said...

OK the 100 dollar bill wallpaper is fiction. I actually have a funny fake-Anastasia story that involves her passing wind, but will have to save it for a post.

Poetikat said...

Oh, I can't wait for THAT post! I have a weakness for wind.


Heather said...

Everyone from Yorkshire swears with Gusto - no wait I think that is the UK in general.

I posted a link today as per your request on my phone conversation with McDreamy.

Debby said...

I'll be a charactor reference for you, Blicky.

Okay. Listen up. Blicky is a charactor!

You're welcome.

*shifts back to my boring life...*

Aleta said...

I love reading memes, but I have to be honest, I can't stand to answer them. Is that horrible? My life is pretty simple in comparison to move lives, so I'm left feeling, "ehhh, what to say?"

I loved the "Baby Got Back" one - too funny. I can picture the reaction. Hehe.

Donna said...

but did the minister get it...

The Self-Deprechaun said...

Can you play drums like the dana carvey church lady? That could be pretty dope!

Or otherwise, since you are 6 feet tall, we need to get you into the church leagues for basketball. You can dominate! You will be MAO instead of YAO.

Marvel Goose said...

Man, you are one TALLL Kitty Kat!

thnx for the link, too!

Vodka Mom said...

That was fantastic.

I love your kid. p.s.

Jeanne said...

Pants too short. I'm only 5'6" (5'6 and 1/2" if I stand up straight, which I rarely do) but I'm about 75% legs. I freaking hate wearing pants that are too short and most jeans fit fine in the store and then shrink just enough in the wash to be floods. I used to hear, "Hey, Jeanne, why don't you have a party and invite your socks up to meet your pants!" all the time in high school....

Anonymous said...

Haha! I so wish I was a fly on the wall for the baby got back rendition!

MuseSwings said...

Can I guess which of these are true - I'll give you 7 and 9 and 37 - oh they're all true? You've led a very exciting life for a tall person. Cool. I'll be your character witness: Blicky is a a character. Notorized on the 30th day of January,2009. With the power vested in me yatta yatta.

dani c said...

Baby got back...loved it

Blicky Kitty said...

Deb and Cynthia, thanks for the character witnesses. I can see I'll need to elaborate on several stories as I'm getting some fun comments on Facebook too.

Self-Deprechaun I'm sorry I've just never been able to justify my freakish height by playing an appropriate sport.. and I can't play drums, but I listen to really killer, loud music on the way to church meetings. Does that count?

Thanks for visiting Vodka Mom and cheers! Love your blog!

Is that my fellow church lady Donna? I think she got it. It wouldn't have phased her anyway since it was probably the watered down version from Shrek (OK maybe not), but I didn't know her well at the time.

Yep I got the same line in HS Jeanne! Aleta, Merrill Yaya and Dani thanks so much for swinging by!

Heather, it was so funny, it was a drunken swearing tirade about Americans because one of us wouldn't kiss him.

Anonymous said...

I'm just catching up with my reading of blogs and came across this. Fascinating. No, really and way to subvert the meme to your own devices and not tag anyone (always a good thing, in my book). So what distance races do you run? I'm looking to run a marathon on June 6, my first, three days before my 40th birthday.

Elizabeth said...

I've added you to the NE Bloggers list. I hope you'll visit some of our members when you have time.
I really like your blog, this post particularly is hysterical!

Ann's Rants said...

Hi Blicky,

I feel the same way about my Mom, and beyond grateful for it.

Good to know someone else has a boogery home.


Colleen said...

You truly are amazing. Bet the moms around you don't know the real you! You are fascinating and inspiring

Anna Lefler said...

Okay, I'm kind of embarrassed for you, but Toledo is in OHIO.

Don't feel bad, though. A lot of people think Paris is in France, when the rest of us know that it's right there in Texas. (Duh.)

And tell your three-year-old for me that I said "LA face with a Oakland boo-tay!"

She'll know what I mean.



Hit 40 said...

Working at the are museum is like teaching math. No one ever remember the details after they leave.

Amy@Bitchin'WivesClub said...

Loved hearing about you, but.... I am beyond intrigued by the treacherous calumny that has befallen Blicky Kitty! Poor thing.

And, would you believe me if I told you I was in Toledo, Spain once and my girlfriend and I ran out of money while there and basically had to beg for money to get back home to Madrid? Thank goodness for kindly old tourist couples with an understanding of ridiculously naive youth!

Amy@Bitchin'WivesClub said...

Drat. I forgot to add.... but we would've preferred hot guys on motorcycles to ferry us back to Madrid! Swearing all the way, of course.

Anonymous said...

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Anna Lefler said...

SO HAPPY to see you on my blog today - I've missed you!

Come baaaaack!



P.S. Hope all is very well...

Anonymous said...

Love it!

Why is everything sound cooler if it involves a laser?