Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Trees in Our Back Yard

I'm missing spending more time in the blickosphere. Here are some images were taken by my brother-in-law in the midst of this snowy snowy weekend in Massachusetts:

North Wind

hissing through barren boughs
dispensing discontent,
cold as a witch’s kiss.

Scandalmonger of the fields,
grips ragweed by the forelock
to lay across the line
and beat away the dirt.

Hickory switch, finger wagging
at a giggle of snowflakes
leapfrogging through ochre fields
and playing knock-knock—

upon her parlor door.

—Debbie Ouellet


Anonymous said...


Debby said...


The Self-Deprechaun said...

That's gorgeous. What was the temperature. In Chicago, where i will be in a couple of days, it is -25. The tears I will shed will already be frozen before they drop. I would much rather enjoy winter through your pictures.

MuseSwings said...

I love that poem! The pictures are wonderful - but I'm glad I'm in the back seat of America here in the deep South.
Blick and Family - have a wonderful Christmas!

LarryG said...

great pics and wonderful poem!
tis the season!

Blicky Kitty said...

Debby I'm sure the poet had the disney stereotype in mind. :)

Yike SD hope you didn't get stuck in the airport like so many!

Thanks Cynthia and Larry. Hope you all had a great Christmas!

Poetikat said...

I thought for sure I had commented on this.
Anyway, I love the poem - so (as someone said) Disney - the dark side of Disney...the best! There are some word-choices I would definitely have tried to make had I been writing something like this piece,i.e. "scandalmonger", "giggle of snowflakes", "knock-knock". Really good stuff.

The photos are great too.