Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blicky: Stuck in Virtual Traffic?

We’ve had spotty internet access this week because of ice storms. I was so sad to miss out on the bloggy fun! I had the gifts all wrapped and the wine all mulled! Here it is late anyway! 

Welcome bloggy friends! Brrrr come on in it’s cold here in Massachusetts! Feel free to take off your shoes and stay awhile. Oh no, a certain little someone has drawn with magic marker on our living room carpet. Almost forgot this is bloggy land though. Just let me open Photoshop and get rid of that. Oh now the kids are making a racket, what did you say? Hold on, I’ll just open Photoshop again. I’ll just paste in a nice picture of them playing angelically. Please help yourselves to some mulled wine and grab a seat near the fire. It’s actually punch. A friend from Austria taught me to make it the traditional way at a party last night. You make caramel in the pot with a hunk of butter and about two cups of sugar. Then you add some hot water. Watch out! It gets hot and bubbles up. While the water heats up you have to stir up all the hardened caramel on the bottom. Then you add two cups of wine and two cups of orange juice and heat it all up with some black tea and mulling spices. When it’s had a chance to steep a bit you add some rum according to your taste…and tolerance. Of course it’s best if you get the Austrian kind which lends a subtle cherry flavor.

We found a beautiful Christmas tree this year. It’s prettier when you can see it against the pine trees in the woods out back, but my Photoshop skills are limited. I love looking at the ornaments because they come from all over the world. One comes from the Marshal Islands where my sister went as a Peace Corps volunteer. Some of them came from the Kindermarkt in Munich, some my parents bought in Europe when I was little, one comes from Thailand where my Mom traveled with my sister and many of them are of the more prosaic homemade variety.

Look for your name on the gift cards. Email me at BlickyKitty@comcast.net if you can't find your name because there's one for everyone. I’ve been really generous here on the blogosphere since I can make all things appear magically through Photoshop legerdemain. The first one is for our intrepid and gracious hostess, Cynthia at Muse Swings. It’s the-most-beautiful-Christmas-ornament-in-the-whole-world. I know...they were almost out. I got the last one. Kat gets this illustrated first edition of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Deb gets a gift card good for an unlimited shopping spree on the Champs Élysées (and a special place in my advent prayers). Lavinia is getting a bejeweled keychain from Cartier to keep track of the keys to her many castles, chalets, flats and mansions in sundry places across the globe. Mary gets the original Cold Meiser puppet from the old puppet Christmas special. Margaret at Nanny Goats in Panties will receive the actual Greek muse, Thalia (muse of comedy and bucolic poetry) for her new writing endeavors. She was impossible to wrap so I just altered the scale in Photoshop and put her in a box. Willow at Life at Willow Manor gets season box tickets to the opera in Rome. Over at Cassoulet Cafe I was going to give a universal translator for shady Mexican restaurants (by Ronco), but I think prayers are in order for her family friend. All those super saucy SITS girls each get a leopard skin upholstered settee and a box of Godiva bon-bons. For my new friends at Humor Bloggers I’m getting rubber chickens (all in elegantly wrapped packaging) and wiggley Fozzie Bear ears. Anna at Life just Keeps getting Weirder gets the Rolling Stones (I got them all to get into the box but Keith Richards is wandering around in the basement) because she totally rocks. The always awesome Mel at Bean Sprouts gets a solar-powered clothes dryer. Hot Belly Mama gets a little kumquat...but not from me. Stevie Wren gets the Flight of the Conchords to perform at her next function. I bought Mama over at whatmamasaysgoes a wet nurse good for one full night's sleep, but she was a challenge to wrap because her lactating breasts crinkled up my paper.

Help yourself to some cookies! I’ve been trying out different recipes for my eldest kitten’s class party. Apparently there is now another mom in Mrs. F’s second grade class who bakes. One day my kitten arrived home looking a little bashful and said, “Mumma, Catherine’s mom made these cookies for the Thanksgiving party and everyone said they were sooo good. It made me feel bad because your cookies are special and I wanted them to be everyone’s favorite. Hers were really fancy looking but yours taste better.”

These moments provide us with those rare teaching opportunities. I will treasure forever the special conversation that ensued. I looked into her earnest little eyes and searched for words that would convey the true meaning of Christmas and teach her about how to negotiate her way in the world. Pulling her close to me I said:

“She’s goin DOWN!”


“Gee! I feel a chill. What’s the thermometer doing? .....Goin’ DOWN!”


“She should take the elevator and press “G” cause she’s .....goin’ DOOOWN!”


Want a joke? “What does Catherine’s mom have in common with the Nasdaq the Dow, and the Nikkei averages? There all .....goin' DOWN!”


“Knock knock. Who’s there? .....You’re goin’ DOOOWWN!”


The Self-Deprechaun said...

This sounds uber fun and extremely educational. No mess'n around here. Blicky will eff you up! I hope that other mom is reading this. Better leave town with your sorry cookies. I will take that punch now except please make mine with extra rum and hold everything else. Glad you are up and running again!

Poetikat and the Hyggecats said...

OohmiGawd (think Valley Girl - I don't know why, but that's what popped into my head).
Blicky!!!!!! I adore "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"! (Shoot! Now, I've got to find an appropriate quote - and not that outworn, "water, water everywhere" one.) Hmmm...
"It flung the blood into my head,
And I feel down in a swound" ...
... I'm flabberghasted, gobsmacked, tongue-tied and astonished! How did you know? Wait. I told you I love Coleridge, didn't I?

You!!! You're so *sweet*, *amazing*, *generous*, *thoughtful* (pick one, or take 'em all!)

I must sincerely express my humble gratitude for this most selfless of gifts. YOU ROCK!!!!

Luv ya!


P.S. Give up your cookie recipe, please. We won't tell that other mother.

P.P.S. Of course, now I must reciprocate. Do you mind if I post some cyber-gifts of my own?

Aleta said...

What a cute thought ~ cyber gifts! Woo Hoo! I love your tree! And umm... interesting.. idea for a drink!

*mary* said...

Awesome idea!
Thanks for the gift! I'll try to keep a certain small human from ripping its (virtual) head off. Those tiny hands can even reach into the void of the web, so long as there is something to destroy!

Oh yeah, that other girl's mommy doesn't stand a chance. She'll wish she never started the Great Cookie War!

Blicky Kitty said...

Yeah SD like your spinoff on the Gluhwein.

Yes Kat I remembered you love Coleridge. :) And Ill throw cookie recipes up just as soon as I select the best ones. Feel free to post away!

Aleta it's really yummy, but you could just use wine, mulling spices sugar and orange juice for a nice hot drink.

Enjoy Mary!

steviewren said...

WhooHoo, there's gonna be a par-tee at my place with The Flight of the Conchords! Thanks Blicky. How did you know that's just what I always wanted!

Anna Lefler said...

OMTG. (Oh, My Total God.) You got me the ROLLING STONES?!?!? That's so awesome I can't stand it! Thank you, dear, dear BK! (I hope to learn some self-preservation tips from Keith Richards, whom I've heard can not be killed with conventional weapons.)

And you have my support on the cookie front. I know your mad baking skillz will prevail. No doubt!


Love and holiday cheer!



willow said...

Opera tickets!!! I am in heaven! You knew the perfect cyber gift for me! So, so fun. Thanks for thinking of me Blicky! :D

Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

LOL! Oh, you're killing me!

And thank you for Christmas gift. Wow, a Greek muse! THE Greek muse! That's one I won't be "giving" away to any crack addict's daughter anytime soon.

Thanks again for thinking of me! You are so sweet!!!!

Merry Christmas!