Friday, August 1, 2008

Wasted RAM Space

Summer is the perfect time for idle reflections about what is truly important in life. On the long, slowly winding drive up to Stowe, Vermont I began to ruminate over what we do in life and how it grows from our early memories. How would my life be different if the memories that formed it were different? More specifically, what could I be doing with all of that wasted RAM space?

Here's a list:
If I didn't waste RAM space on the fact that Charo, as April Lopez on the Love Boat really made Captain Merrill nervous when she said "cuchi-cuchi" or that Jamie Sommers became bionic after a parchute accident, then I would be able to speak Mandarin and I would be working for the UN in China.

If I didn't waste my RAM on the fact that Sly and Robbie are the premier reggae percussionists and production duo, then I would be able to remember the bloodlines of the British monarchy.

If I didn't waste RAM memorizing American Pie and Tangled Up in Blue, then I would have been able to actually retain the arguments of various postmodern theorists in my head during hours of wading through their obfuscate prose. OK actually, I think I made the proper choice there.

If I couldn't recite the entire damn script of Monty Python's Holy Grail I would have earned a perfect score on my sat's and gre's, I definitely would have solved global warming by now.

Here's a link Blicky's favorite Cat Power song that he doesn't realize is actually an eloquent and haunting protest song. I tried explaining that she's not an actual cat, but a talented human singer named Chan Marshal.  His memory's been a bit dodgy ever since plummeting off the ski lift on the way to the alpine slide in Stowe.

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