Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Wanna Hold You Till the Fear In Me Subsides

Blicky's food hadn't been touched in over a week, so my first thought was coyotes. Luckily, Blicky had merely been flown down by private jet to a high-level, emergency strategy meeting/cuddle session with Karl Rove. It seems they had a lot of work to do after the resounding success of Obama's acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday. They worked long into the night sometimes laughing, sometimes crying, sometimes listening to Dan Hill golden oldies. 

I don't know what exactly transpired but I found this memo in Blicky's handwriting crumpled in the recycling bin. I think this is Blicky's contribution to the Rove action plan for the remaining campaign season:
  • Meow take over world meow,
  • Instruct major networks to dismiss questions about Palin's child/grandchild, McCain's tasteless, sexist comments about his wife, and inappropriate joke about Chelsea Clinton and Janet Reno,
  • Instruct network media to place their heads directly in front of the politicians during convention speeches so they can better stick to plot lines.
  • Instruct media to make the coverage about the Clintons and the Hillary supporters rather than the issues.
  • Remind news media that only republicans can be religious, war heros or true patriots.
  • Think of more reasons why the Obamas are scary, meow.
Daddy Kitty had a very well-written comment posted in the comments of NY Times Frank Rich's recent critique of election coverage. "Regarding McCain's selection of Mrs. Palin, it is a cynical choice designed to attract middle class white voters, not just women. Get ready for the Chevy-like commercials featuring Palin and her hard-working, regular guy husband who embodies family values and epitomizes all that is good and noble about American manhood. It will play well in the Heartland and elsewhere. Biden was hired to go after this demographic, but once again Rove attacks a perceived Democratic strength."


octopede said...

This will all blow up in their face. And I mean literally. Have you seen Sarah Palin? I'm pretty sure she ate a grenade, or something.

Blicky Kitty said...

I hope you're right. They're pretty adept at lobbing them back to us.

Maybe Sarah just sucked down too much raw seal blubber and budweiser on her way to the maverick-a-thon/pro-life/death penalty rally.

Mama said...

Ohhhh I have a bad feeling about Ms. Palin. I think we have so far totally played into their hands. Yikes! But none of us can know how all of this will play out, can we? Too many variables between now and then.

Blicky Kitty, do your stuff!

In the meantime, go sign the petition at Moms Rising. You know them, right?