Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sweet Home Alabama, I mean Alaska

Oops, Blicky took one for the team during the Republican National Convention to demonstrate his deep commitment to firearms, but is now recovering nicely and is considered a war hero just like Bush or Harry Whittington.

Summary of Palin's speech for those of you who missed it.
  • My fellow republicans and racist independents, my down-home-iness is so damn cute that you will love me, 
  • I'm going to put the class back into class warfare, 
  • I'm so folksy that you will laugh like crazy while you get poorer and the big businesses enjoy record profits,
  • We will make you cry with the beauty of our encomiums to war while our young men continue to die and Haliburton continues to profit.
  • I'm proud of America no matter what we do because we're always right.... right, right, right, right -- well maybe not slavery and Japanese Internment camps -- but we rocked the house at Abu Graib. U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A! 
I've got a really blicky feeling in the pit of my stomach.


Mama said...

I SO preferred your version of this speech, Blicky, that I just think I'll take a pass at listening to the real one. How 'bout that?


ZD said...

If Gov. Pander is so concerned about the sanctity of life, why did she jeopardize the life of her 8-month fetus after she discovered in Texas that her amniotic fluid was leaking by staying to deliver a political speech and then flying home for 11 hours and driving 45 miles to Wasilla? What do you want to be that the records of that delivery on no longer on file at that local hospital?