Saturday, September 6, 2008

Karen Walker to Palin: "Go get your own shtick, and honey, we've talked about this outfit."

OK , is it just me or is Palin trying to channel Karen Walker from Will and Grace (not to be confused with Megan Mullally who is way cool, funny and probably the only thing she has in common with her character is a good rack)?

Let's look at Karen's bio: hmmmm
  • Might have made a pact with the devil, check
  • Was Ronald Reagan's mistress, umm... check
  • She believes that the homeless are a cult, not unlike the moonies, definite check
  • Aerosmith fan, check?
  • May or may not be responsible for the comatose state of Sunny VonBulow, check
Here's a sampling of what we have to look forward to if the marketing ploy works and we get four more years of republican control. We're in the White House. It's winter 2009:

Enter John McCain
Palin: Hi Poodle.
McCain: Who's your daddy?
Palin: You are! So honey, what's going on, what's happening, what's this all about?
McCain: Well gas prices are up to 4.00 a gallon the dollar is plummeting, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are escalating and I can't even talk about Iran or Pakistan. 
Palin: (laughs and hands him her credit card) Oh honey, well here, charge yourself a little happy.
McCain: You're my best friend. Let's touch tummies!
Palin: Oh my lord, you are a complete freak. (lifts up her shirt and touches tummies) Whoa! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! This is a place of business! We're trying to get some work done in here and I don't need you just... OK I'm saying it and I don't even buy it! (starts laughing)
Enter Karl Rove: The contract with the NRA is ready for your signature.
Palin: Is that you Cook, Driver? Oh, Bartender? Martini, honey, and don't waste any space with those olives.
McCain: I don't know Sarah, it's just that since we got in I feel like there's something missing in my life. I just wanted to serve, but now I feel like, you know, like my soul's on empty.
Palin: You can go alotta years on empty, honey. Trust me.

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