Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fun with Composting

In another life, I had a passionate environmentalist boyfriend who used to live in a bookmobile, eat rotten fruit and time my showers. Dad truly loved him. Needless to say it was fun to rebel for a while after that, but learning about environmental stewardship has been far more gratifying now that I'm doing it on my own. So if your insistent, van-dwelling ex-swain left you wanting to clean your house with round-up, mercury and hydrochloric acid, don't despair!

I found a funny site about all the stuff you can compost. It's called 163 Things you can Compost; And the List Keeps Growing! My favorite things on there were dryer lint, tea bags and dried jellyfish. 

Finally! I have a whole damn closet full of dried jellyfish. I was saving them for a craft but apparently they don't work well as hair for toilet roll puppets and they don't turn grapes into grape jelly. In a letter posted on the site a woman describes how she had her husband urinate in the compost bin, but that idea only elicited a raised eyebrow in the Blicky homestead. We actually use that around the garden in an alpha dog way to discourage animals. So far no unwanted visitors this year. There are so many fun composting tips too on my new favorite blog, Bean Sprouts.

The thing I'm learning about composting is that aside from the obvious benefits for your garden and the environment (I just learned recently was that composing lowers greenhouse gas emissions by preventing organic materials from decomposing anaerobically in a landfill), it gets me thinking about all these objects and sundry substances that float in and out of our lives and how I want to manage it all. Lately I'm finding it easier and a bit liberating to make stuff homemade and avoid all the packaging and preservatives. Making graham crackers, for example, is really not too hard and it makes the house smell way yummy.

Blicky is finally inspired to start his own recycling bin. He's submitted a list of composting ideas based on things he's composted on our property so far:
1) Kitty litter
2) Plutonium
3) Egg shells
4) Human hair
5) Fuel rods
6) Broken welders
7) Chemical weapons
Things have been a little different around here ever since Blicky won that contract with the Defense Department.


WM said...

is it okay if i bring my dried jellyfish over to your place to compost. my compost heap is filled with so many pickled sharks, there really isn't room for anything else.

Dharma V. said...

What a scream! This cracked me up so much I had to read it to my other half!

Thanks for the tips.

BlickyKitty said...

Sure wm (your blog rocks and I'm not worthy), but don't compost the pickled shark just yet. Here's a fun and lucrative pickled shark craft idea:,,1392473,00.html

Also I think it also cures scurvy and age if you grind it up and bathe in it.

Dharma thanks! It's so nice to visit in the blogosphere. :)

Melanie Rimmer said...

Thanks for naming Bean Sprouts as your new favourite blog. I think Blicky Kitty is my new favourite blog, too. BFF!